A Remodel Example

The process of remodeling your pool:

Phase 1- Demolition

The demolition phase is the first step in the process of remodeling and replastering your pool. Our in-house crews will remove all necessary materials and debris to start this phase.

Phase 2- Plumbing & Equipment

Our expert plumbing crews are trained in all areas of pipe laying, valve configurations, equipment layouts and installations.  We specialize in pool, spa, pond and water features of all variations.

Phase 3- Waterblasting

We use the latest technology to minimize trauma to your pool’s structure.  Pneumatic stripping methods can damage and weaken the structure of your pool.  However, our method creates a safer and longer lasting product.

Phase 4- Coping & Decks

Coping installation and deck layouts are formed to owners specifications and design.  We have hundreds of different selections to chose from.  Our installers are the best in their field, specializing in pool remodeling.

Phase 5- Remodeling

Pool remodeling such as new spa, pool shallowing, water features, wall or bond beam raising, is done by our designers and our expert crews.

Phase 6- Tiles & Mosaics

Tile crews will prepare the surface for the tile of your choice and install any feature strips or mosaics that you have chosen.  We have hundreds of tiles to chose from.

Phase 7- Plastering

With over 62years of experience, our plasterers are skilled in all types of pool surfaces.  All crews are managed by a foreman with over 15 years of experience.  The foreman will oversee all aspects of the process.


We specialize in standard plaster, colored plaster, 3M Color Quartz, Exposed Pebble, and Polished Hydrazzo.  With 62 years of experience behind us, we offer the longest guarantee in the industry.